Water Cooled Screw Chiller for Process Cooling

Semi hermetic screw compressor with in-built motor
Refrig : R-134A (CFC Free),R- 407C (CFC Free), R-22 (Freon)
Liquid Temperatures - Minus 15 to Plus 25 deg C
Available with choice of Hanbell, Bitzer & J&E Hall Screw Comp.

ammonia chillers

Functions and Features:

CHOICE OF SCREW COMPRESSOR of Hanbell (Taiwan), Bitzer (Germany) & J&E Hall (UK).All options are semi-hermetic in development, in this manner making them support well disposed. Because of geometrically symmetrical moving parts, they have to a great degree low vibration and are tried as per AHRI/European Standards. These sink compressors accompany an assembled oil partition framework and an extra outer oil separator can be included relying on the way of mechanical application. Oil level switch, CCH heater and economizer port are given as standard piece of the OEM supply alongside check valves at suction and release port.

HIGH COP/EER as an issue effective gathering of the refrigerant. These water cooled chiller units are intended to meet the relevant prerequisites of ASHRAE/ANSI 15 Safety Code. Since the condensers are liberally oversized, effective consolidating of the refrigerant prompts lower IKW.

SHELL & TUBE EVAPORATOR  is constructed with copper containers of 19 SWG that empowers them to withstand hard water with PH more noteworthy than 8. The copper tubes contain Flamingo licensed star tabulator embeds that give turbulence to the refrigerant moving through the copper tubes. As an issue of this turbulence these Shell & Tube evaporators have amazingly proficient high temperature exchange with the copper tube. The shell is made from high-review steel. The evaporator is outlined according to ASME Section VIII Div.1.

ULTRA EFFICIENT CONDENSING utilizing external finned copper tubes brings about productive high temperature exchange as it increases the surface range of the copper tube in correlation to copper tubes without fining. The copper tubes are of 16 SWG and are finned on the external surface for up to 26 balances every inch. The copper tubes are mechanically extended in a torque controlled process on tube sheets that are produced on foreign VMC machine. Since the tube sheets are made on VMC machines the pitch between copper tubes is exact.

ECONOMIZER FOR HIGHER EFFICIENCY is given according to refrigerant utilized and relying on the chilled water/saline solution temperature extent fancied. Economizer is given as standard piece of supply in procedure chillers picked dissipating temperature of 5 deg. C or lower. The economizer/sub-cooler upgrades the general limit of the chiller by 10%, and diminishes the force utilization, in this manner expanding the general Coefficient of Performance (COP).

Accessible IN A CHOICE OF REFRIGERANTS R-22 (Freon), R-407c and R-134a. Both R-407c and R-134a are environment well disposed and non-ozone exhausting refrigerants.

ADDITONAL AIR COOLED TYPE OIL COOLER is included relying on the refrigerant utilized and the chilled water/saline solution temperature coveted. The oil cooler aides keep up the oil temperatures coursing through the compressor inside protected breaking points. The oil cooler fan is consequently controlled relying upon the oil temperature. This gimmick upgrades the screw compressor life.

FLUID INJECTION is a standard peculiarity and is utilized to cool the compressor engine slowing down. When the release temperature surpasses the typical extent, an electric solenoid loop infuses fluid refrigerant to keep the slowing down inside points of confinement. This peculiarity improves the life of the screw compressor.

THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE is given as an issue some piece of the water cooled screw chiller equipment. Electronic development valve can likewise be alternatively given..

CONTROL PANEL  with IP-65 insurance is given as standard piece of the water cooled gear.

MICROPROCESSOR BASED CONTROLLER is a standard piece of the water cooled screw chiller supplies. The controller permits various set focuses that can be arranged to specific set of values that may be considered inside the safe working reach. If there should arise an occurrence of any break in any of the set point esteem the controller will excursion the chiller after the fed security delay period has passed and show it on the LCD show. Plus, the controller consequently alters the limit in a stepped organization making them perfect for variable burden applications.

Optional Features:

Water Cooled Screw Chillers

CHOICE OF ELECTRONIC EXPANSION VALVE allows for precise control of refrigerant flow through the evaporator. The electronic expansion valve is very sensitive to load variations and adjusts the flow of refrigerant with short response times to achieve power savings.

MAGNUM STEP-LESS CAPACITY CONTROLER  makes the chiller exceedingly effective partially load conditions as it adjusts the limit sleeplessly (25%~100%). Other than the Magnum controller permits immediate correspondence through RS-485 to MODBUS and can be effectively incorporated to most BMS frameworks (Building Management Systems) accessible in the business sector.

SOFT STARTER provides smooth increasing speed as voltage or current is connected bit by bit. Other than Soft starters additionally stop the engine slowly instead of sudden bastard experienced in DOL or Star Delta sort starter boards. This extra gimmick builds the compressor bearing life.

INDIVIDUALY CUSTOMISED arrangements are additionally accessible for immediate extension alternatives. .

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