Unlike comfort cooling, the basic truth about industrial refrigeration is that every installation is a special case. With unparalleled experience and know-how in
the process-cooling segment, Flamingo has a dedicated Chiller range for each type of industrial application.

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Industrial chiller

What every organization looks for and needs in the process cooling solutions is the assurance of reliability. At Flamingo, we wish to provide ultimate customer satisfaction and therefore, focus on providing the process cooling solutions that offer productive performance, are easy to install, look great and also offer hassle free maintenance. We are offering industrial chillers and commercial chillers like water cooled chiller air cooled chiller etc.


At Flamingo the range is diverse, and the following are up on offer:

  • Ammonia Screw : This chiller is used in the low temperature process cooling application. These are used widely in the food & beverage industry such as meat & milk plants, cold storage and they are also used in the chemical and pharmaceutical bulk drug manufacturing industry.
  • Process chillers with screw or scroll compressors: This chiller is ideal for the plastic industry that deploys applications such as blow molding, injection molding, woven fabric manufacturing, flexible packaging, specialty printing, solar cell manufacturing, molded automotive components manufacturing and for any process application that requires continuous flow of chilled water.
  • Brine : These industrial chillers are used for process applications requiring ultra-low temperatures such as required in bulk drug and chemical manufacturing. These are available in a choice of semi hermetic and open semi hermetic screw compressor options as well.