Chiller Rentals

Chiller Rentals

Discover continuous uninterrupted chilled liquid supply for your process by installing Flamingo water-cooled chiller products. Our Process Chiller products will
pay out for you.

chiller rental

Chiller Rentals

Flamingo chillers offers a large selection of HVAC/ Industrial chiller products for specific rental applications:


In order to maintain seamless operation within an establishment, most businesses have to ensure that the right temperature is maintained. We understand this well at Flamingo chillers and that why we offer air and water cooled chiller rental services that help with temporary, supplemental or emergency cooling needs that you may have.


Our air and water cooled chiller rental solutions are both reliable and extremely efficient and come in a number of capacities, the range starts from 2 tons and goes up to 500 Tons. These chillers provide both supplemental and emergency cooling solutions for a number of applications.


We manufactures chillers, and therefore when you deploy us for your chiller rentals, you can be assured of one thing and that is you will only avail of the newest, most reliable and energy efficient chillers, less than a year old, as compared to the rest of the rental industry. Our chillers are built for use in the most harsh environments and can be easily combined with air handlers for control of ambient temperature for HVAC applications..


With our chiller rentals, you can also ensure that you will get compact designs, that are suitable to a variety of size requirements. Our chillers can also be engineered to certain process applications, and temperatures as low as Minus 50 Our fleet of low temperature process chiller products have a compact designs so that they can fit infinite size requirements. These can also be engineered to specific process applications while obtaining temperatures as low as -50ÂșC

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