Flamingo has always been engaged in research, development and offering new solutions to the market, which provide real value to the client whether they are through comfort cooling a commercial space or providing process cooling solutions. All this along with the rational use of energy and favouring the development of systems that reduce the cost of the entire system's lifecycle.

Starting from 2013, Flamingo has started production of a specialised solution in the residential sector by developing innovative and highly efficient systems that are able to guarantee total comfort all year round.

CASA System is a complete system for the residential application providing central cooling, central heating, hot and cold water on demand. The system is one of its kind and available in the market with the potential to overtake presently available high end residential air conditioning systems such as VRV’s that can only be used in warm weather conditions. CASA system is designed for all-year all-weather application. Available in capacities ranging from 5 TR to 50 TR, these systems would provide all year comfort to the occupants living inside the building.

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