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Flamingo Chiller is India’s leading Chiller manufacturer company. Established in 1977 in New Delhi, India, our product range has evolved to meet the needs of the market and also stay up to date with the latest technology. We have been designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality and efficient products that are used across a number of industries to cool water or liquid for both industrial and commercial applications, making us one of the most preferred chiller manufacturers India. The product range comprises of air and water cooled scroll chillers, air and water cooled screw chillers, ammonia chillers and MRI chillers. With more than three decades of experience under our belt, we are hailed as one of the leading chiller manufacturers in the country.

As chiller manufacturers we cater to the comfort cooling / air conditioning sector and we also cater to mechanical cooling process applications across a variety of industries including: food, beverage, plastic, chemical, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, medical and cold storage. Over the last three decades, we have learned from our experience and gained expertise in both comfort cooling and mechanical cooling domains. We constantly revamp our products to keep up to the latest technology to provide the most durable, reliable and efficient products to our discerning consumers.

Adhering to Latest Technology

Choosing the best and most trusted Chiller Manufacturers India is extremely important as this will decide the efficiency that your unit achieves. Since there are so many in the country, it is up to you to separate the best from the rest and take your call. At Flamingo, the focus is on customer satisfaction and building machines that are durable, reliable and offer great service. You can count on us for the best levels of service, not only until your sale is made, but also after, when you need assistance, absolutely any time. All our machines have been designed and manufactured, adhering to customer requirements and using the latest technology, so that you can get the best quality for your business. We believe that our contribution in this little way, can take your business to great heights. So, focus on choosing the very best, and you will not be disappointed. Read More...

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