Flamingo Chillers - Designed for green buildings experiencing extreme equatorial conditions

Get central air conditioning right


Modern HVAC systems are designed to provide comfortable indoor environment for the effective performance of the building and its occupants. Besides being efficient and environment friendly, these HVAC systems must architectonically merge with the building. They should also be easy to operate and must match the reliability expected from this kind of operation.


Chillers provide chilled water to various other cooling systems installed inside a building. The most efficient water chillers are those that have been designed considering extreme equatorial type conditions.


They should also utilize every single Joule of waste heat for various hot water utilities within a commercial establishment. At Flamingo, we know that each Chiller we manufacture is just as strong as its weakest link.


With more than three decades of experience in refrigeration, Flamingo experts are always the people to talk to - we have the resources and know how to individually customize our Chillers into non-standard Chillers you need for getting your Central Air Conditioning Right.