Water Cooled Ammonia Condensing Unit

Semi hermetic open screw compressor with external motor
Refrigerant: R-717 (Ammonia), Evap. Cond. option available
Ideal for Booster & High Stage Applicaions
Available with choice of Hanbell, Bitzer & J&E Hall Screw Comp.

Water Cooled Screw Chiller with Semi Hermetic Screw Compressor

Functions and Features:

CHOICE OF SCREW COMPRESSOR of Hanbell (Taiwan), Bitzer (Germany) & J&E Hall (UK). All open screw compressor options are semi-hermetic in construction, thereby making it maintenance friendly. Dueto geometrically symmetrical moving parts, these compressors have extremely low vibration and are tested in accordance with AHRI/European Standards. The standard supply consists of check valves on suction and discharge port. These compressors are specifically developed for R-717 (Ammonia) application.

HIGH COP/EER as ammonia offers exceptional efficiencies across a wide range of operating conditions. Ammonia offers a 20% increase in performance compared with standard screw chillers using HFC’s. It is also the most environment friendly and future compatible refrigerant currently available in the market. These durable industrial Ammonia condensing units are designed to meet the applicable requirements of ASHRAE/ANSI 15 Safety Code.

HIGH EFFICIENCY, LOW NOISE DRIVE EXTERNAL MOTORS are fitted to the along the entireAmmonia condensing unit range. These motors are also specially designed to offer low noise operation and come with IP 55 protection.

A HIGH EFFICIENCY 3 STAGE OIL SEPRATOR with secondary side coalesces is provided to guarantee a low oil carryover rate. Bulls-eye type sight glasses are included to indicate oil level in both the primary and secondary sections of the separator. The oil separator is designed and the constructed in accordance with Section VIII of the ASME code. Main injection oil for cooling and tip sealing is supplied to the compressor by positive gas differential pressure. All lubrication oil passes through a 100 mesh strainer while oil to the compressor bearings, balance pistons, shaft seal and capacity controls are filtered additionally by 15 microns, extended surface area, cartridge type filter. Oil heater isstandard part of the ammonia condensing unitsand controlled via the microprocessor to maintain the desired oil separator temperature during off cycles. A Shell & Tube type water cooled oil cooler is provided to maintain proper oil supply temperature to the compressor.  A taper-lock curved jaw coupling with high grade all steel multi-disc centre membersare mounted on the compressor. The coupling is maintenance free with a removable centre member allowing replacement of the shaft seal without removal of the compressor or motor. An OSHA compliant coupling guard is also provided as standard.Shim less motor mounts is used for anchoring the motor to mounting angles on the oil separator. This allow for fast, easy, and accurate verticals and lateral motor alignment.

IDEAL FOR HIGH STAGE AND BOOSTER APPLICATIONSwith many units installed in the food processing/cold storage/meat processing industry.For booster applications a  rotary gear pump of suitable pumping capacity in SS 304 construction along with mechanical seal is provided as standard.

ULTRA EFFICIENT WATER COOLED CONDENSER built for high ambient conditions with condensing temperatures of 40 degree Celsius considered as the basis of design. Efficient condensing of the refrigerant results in power savings and lower maintenance costs. The condensers are provided with outer finned SA-179 tubes for enhancing the heat transfer surface area and providing efficient condensing of the refrigerant. The condenser is designed as per TEMA/ASME section VIII, Div.1.

CLOSE TEMPERATURE AAPPROACH with the use of low-pressure receiver system. The liquid receiver supplied along the ammonia condensing unit consists of safety valves and liquid level sight glass.

FLASH TYPE ECONOMIZER FOR HIGHER EFFICIENCY is standard part of Flamingo ammonia condensing units. Economizers are pressure vessels where ammonia refrigerant is flashed to an intermediate pressure level before passing on to the low side evaporating coils. Economization reduces operating costs and makes the refrigeration cycle more efficient by reducing the amount of non-useful flash gas created at the system low side.

CONTROL PANEL with IP-65 protection is provided as standard part of the ammonia screw chillerrange.

MICROPROCESSOR BASED CONTROLLER is a standard part of the Flamingo ammonia condensing units. The controller allows numerous set points that can be configured to particular set of values that may be considered within the safe operating range. In case of any breach in any of the set point value the controller will trip the condensing unit after the defined safety delay period has passed and display it on the LCD display. Besides, the controller automatically adjusts the capacity in a stepped format making them ideal for variable load applications.

Optional Features:

ADVANCED MAGNUM STEP-LESS CAPACITY CONTROLER for high efficiencyperformance at part load conditions due to step less capacity regulation (25%~100%) can be optionally provided along with the condensing units. The Magnum controller allows direct communication through RS-485 to MODBUS and can be easily integrated to most BMS systems (Building Management Systems) available in the market. Some of the features of the controller are as follows:

  • The refrigerant outlet temperature can be controlled accurately within a tolerance of + 0.5 Deg. F.
  • In-built time delays for compressors, single phase / phase reversal protection and anti– freeze protection.
  • Password protection at two levels
  • RS 232and RS 485 ports for remote connectivity, fault indication and status facility.
  • PC connectivity and remote monitoring without BMS through dedicated telephone line and optional gateway and modem.
  • BMS comparability with MODBUS as a standard feature. Optional translators available for compatibility with JC, N2, BAC net.
  • Windows based support system provides complete status on all operations both locally and remotely. History, static and dynamic graphing is standard to aid in commissioning, trouble shooting and evaluation.

SOFT STARTER providessmooth acceleration as voltage or current is applied gradually. Besides Soft starters also stop the motor gradually as opposed to sudden jerk experienced in DOL or Star Delta type starter panels. This additional feature increases the compressor life.

INDIVIDUALY CUSTOMISED solutions are also available for remote air-cooled or evaporative condenser and for twin or multi stage packages, designed for large capacity requirements. Flamingo ammonia condensing units are also available with Plate type heat exchangers as condenser.

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