Water Cooled Ammonia Screw Chiller

Semi hermetic open screw compressor with external motor
Refrigerant: R-717 (Ammonia), Evap. Cond. option available
Brine/Glycol/Water Temp. range - Plus 15 to Minus 45 deg. C
Available with choice of Hanbell, Bitzer & J&E Hall Screw Comp.

ammonia chillers

Functions and Features:

CHOICE OF SCREW COMPRESSOR of Hanbell (Taiwan), Bitzer (Germany) & J&E Hall (UK). All screw compressor alternatives are semi-hermetic in development, along these lines making it upkeep neighborly. Due to geometrically symmetrical moving parts, these compressors have amazingly low vibration and are tried as per AHRI/European Standards. The standard supply comprises of check valves on suction and release port. These compressors are particularly created for R-717 (Ammonia) application.

HIGH COP/EER as smelling salts offers uncommon efficiencies over an extensive variety of working conditions. For ordinary water cooling applications, alkali offers a 20% increment in execution contrasted and standard screw chillers utilizing HFC's. It is likewise the most environment inviting and future perfect refrigerant at present accessible. These solid modern Ammonia chillers are intended to meet the appropriate necessities of ASHRAE/ANSI 15 Safety Code.

HIGH EFFICIENCY, LOW NOISE DRIVE EXTERNAL MOTORS  are fitted to the whole Ammonia screw chiller range. These engines are additionally uncommonly intended to offer low clamor operation and accompany IP 55 security.

A HIGH EFFICIENCY 3 STAGE OIL SEPRATOR with auxiliary side mixes is given to ensure a low oil remainder rate. Bulls-eye sort sight glasses are incorporated to show oil level in both the essential and auxiliary segments of the separator. The oil separator is composed and the built as per Section VIII of the ASME code. Primary infusion oil for cooling and tip fixing is supplied to the compressor by positive gas differential weight. All grease oil passes through a 100 cross section strainer while oil to the compressor orientation, equalization cylinders, shaft seal and limit controls are sifted furthermore by 15 microns, expanded surface region, and cartridge sort channel. Oil radiator is standard some piece of the smelling salts chiller supplies and controlled through the microchip to keep up the wanted oil separator temperature amid off cycles. A Shell & Tube sort water cooled oil cooler is given to keep up fitting oil supply temperature to the compressor. A decrease lock bended jaw coupling with high review all steel multi-plate fixates part is mounted on the compressor. The coupling is support free with a removable focus part permitting substitution of the pole seal without evacuation of the compressor or engine. An OSHA consistent coupling watchman is additionally given as standard. Shim less engine mounts are utilized for mooring the engine to mounting points on the oil separator. This take into account quick, simple, and precise verticals and horizontal engine arrangement.

FLODDED SHELL & TUBE EVAPORATOR built using Sa179 containers of 14 BWG that improves their life. Since Sa179 tubes are inundated in fluid alkali refrigerant, it gives high COP, remarkable part-stack execution and low working expenses. Dissimilar to coordinate development outline evaporators, overwhelmed evaporators are cleanable as the fluid to be cooled streams inside the tubes. The evaporator is planned according to TEMA/ASME segment VIII, Div.1 and is supplied alongside electronic fluid level controller.

CLOSE EVAPORATOR TEMPERATURE AAPPROACH with the utilization of low-weight collector framework guarantees overflowed evaporator operation. This kills the requirement for a waste superheat zone inside the evaporator, which is regularly needed for immediate extension frameworks. Overflowed operations bring about a closer approach between the refrigerant vanishing temperature and outlet water temperature. The fluid beneficiary supplied along the alkali screw chiller bundle consists of wellbeing valves and fluid level sight glass.

EFFICIENT AUTOMATIC OIL RECOVERY is one of the prime concerns while picking between an overflowed and an immediate development sort chiller. Flamingo's Ammonia chillers utilize computerized refrigeration controls to recoup oil productively.

ULTRA EFFICIENT WATER COOLED CONDENSER assembled for high encompassing conditions with consolidating temperatures of 40 degree Celsius considered as the premise of outline. Proficient gathering of the refrigerant brings about force investment funds and lower support costs. The condensers are furnished with external finned SA-179 tubes for upgrading the high temperature exchange surface territory and give effective gathering of the refrigerant. The condenser is outlined according to according to TEMA/ASME area VIII, Div.1.

FLASH TYPE ECONOMIZER FOR HIGHER EFFICIENCY is a standard piece of Flamingo alkali screw chiller range. Economizers are weight vessels where alkali refrigerant is flashed to a middle weight level before passing on to the low side overwhelmed sort evaporator. Economization decreases working expenses and makes the refrigeration cycle more effective by decreasing the measure of non-helpful blaze gas made at the framework low side.

CONTROL PANEL with IP-65 insurance is given as standard piece of the smelling salts screw chiller range.

MICROPROCESSOR BASED CONTROLLER is a standard piece of the alkali chiller supplies. The controller permits various set focuses that can be arranged to specific set of values that may be considered inside the safe working reach. If there should arise an occurrence of any rupture in any of the set point esteem, the controller will trek the chiller after the characterized security delay period has passed and show it on the LCD show. Furthermore, the controller naturally changes the limit in a stepped arrangement making them perfect for variable burden applications.

Optional Features:

Ammonia Water Screw Chillers

ADVANCED MAGNUM STEP-LESS CAPACITY CONTROLER makes the chiller exceptionally proficient to a limited extent burden conditions as it alters the limit sleeplessly (25%~100%). Other than the Magnum controller permits immediate correspondence through RS-485 to MODBUS and can be effortlessly coordinated to most BMS frameworks (Building Management Systems) accessible in the business sector.

SOFT STARTER provides smooth speeding up as voltage or current is connected steadily. Other than Soft starters likewise stop the engine step by step instead of sudden rascal accomplished in DOL or Star Delta sort starter boards. This extra gimmick expands the compressor life.

INDIVIDUALY CUSTOMISED arrangements are additionally accessible for remote air-cooled or evaporative condenser and for twin or multi stage bundles, intended for huge limit necessities. Flamingo alkali chillers are additionally accessible with Plate sort heat exchangers as condenser and/or evaporator.

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