MRI Chillers, Air Cooled Top Discharge

Designed in collaboration with major medical OEM´s
Ready solutions for Siemens, GE & Philips MRI machines 
Capacity from 3.5 to 34 TR with independent emergency circuit 

ammonia chillers

Functions and Features:

MRI Chillers, Air Cooled Top Discharge

EFFICIENT SCROLL COMPRESSORS of Danfoss (Denmark) or Copeland (USA) are provided as standard in all MRI chiller packages. These compressors come with a high efficiency in built motor and hybrid-wrap scroll design that helps reduce energy costs in normal operating conditions and delivers high capacity and an optimized pressure ratio for refrigeration applications.

MULTIPLE COMPRESSORS guarantees higher reliability and reduces starting current, making them ideal for nursing homes without having to increase the installed grid power load, switchgear, transformers and generator rating hence saving initial capital costs.

TOP DISCHARGEof exhaust air from the condenserenables installation on roof tops, besides multiple units can also be installed next to each other.

HIGH COP/EER as a result efficient condensing of the refrigerant. These MRI chiller units are designed to meet the applicable requirements of ASHRAE/ANSI 15 Safety Code. Since these condensers are generously sized, efficient condensing of the refrigerant leads to lower IKW compared with other MRI chiller brands. Besides, in part load conditions the entire condenser coil surface area is utilised to reject heat even if one compressor is in operation thereby increasing operating efficiency.

SHELL & TUBE EVAPORATOR is built with copper tubes of 19 SWG that enables them to withstand hard water with PH even greater than 8. The copper tubes contain Flamingo patented star turbulator inserts that provide turbulence to the refrigerant flowing through the copper tubes. As a result of this turbulence these Shell & Tube evaporators have extremely efficient heat transfer with the copper tube. The shell & tube sheets are manufactured in SS-304 material. The evaporator is designed as per ASME Section VIII Div.1.

HIGH AMBIENT TEMPERATURE of 45 deg. C considered as basis of design. This ensures higher reliability even in the toughest summer conditions. For installations meant for conditions that experience sub-zero temperatures, anti-freezing elements are factory installed.

ULTRA EFFICIENT CONDENSING When one uses ultra efficient condensing that is achieved due to inner grooved copper tubes, maintenance costs are lowered and power is saved as well. Aluminum of special grade in thickness of 0.15mm are expanded mechanically to fit around a copper tube of thickness 0.5 mm, which is grooved internally, in a pattern that is staggered and sine wave, this is how the CNC fins are manufactured. A standard feature of the Flamingo MRI Chiller Range is the Axial fans that are 5-lobe and boast of a bird wing design. The compressor discharge pressure automatically controls the number of fans switched on, and this special feature allows for power saving.

AVAILABLE IN A CHOICE OF REFRIGERANTS R-22 (Freon), R-407C and R-134a. Both R-407C and R-134A are environment friendly and non-ozone depleting refrigerants.

THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE is provided as a standard part of the MRI chiller equipment.

CONTROL PANEL with IP-65 protection is provided as standard part of the MRI chiller equipment. The control panel is rain protected keeping in mind its installation in open spaces.

MICROPROCESSOR BASED CONTROLLER is a standard part of the MRI chiller equipment.  The controller allows numerous set points that can be configured to particular set of values that may be considered within the safe operating range. In case of any breach in any of the set point value the controller will trip the chiller after the fed safety delay period has passed and display it on the LCD display. Besides, the controller automatically adjusts the number of condenser fans and compressors that need to be switched ON ensuring power saving. 

CIRCULATION PUMP & TANK MODULE is a standard part of the MRI chiller equipment.  High pressure multi stage centrifugal pump of Grundfos make in SS-304 construction is supplied as standard along with SS-304 tank of suitable capacity.

Optional Features:

SOFT STARTER providessmooth acceleration as voltage or current is applied gradually. Besides, Soft starters also stop the compressor motor gradually as opposed to the sudden jerk experienced in DOL or Star Delta type starter panels. This additional feature enhances the compressor bearing life.

HYDROPHOBIC COATED FINSthat repels condensate and improves efficiency of the air cooled condenser. The hydrophobic coating significantly reduces the friction of air over fins so they do not catch any dirt or grime and reduces corrosion.

EMERGENCY COMPRESSOR equivalent to the combined capacity of all compressors can be optionally installed for emergency cooling during the event of break down. Similarly a spare pump can also be installed for breakdown situations. This ensures un-interrupted cooling and saves costly helium re-charge.

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