Water Cooled Scroll Chillers

for Process Cooling

Refrig : R-134A (CFC Free), R-407C (CFC Free), R-22 (Freon)
Capacity from: 5 TR to 110 TR
Liquid Temp from Plus 3 to Plus 25 deg C

Hermetic Scroll Comp.

water cooled scroll chillers

for Air Conditioning

Refrig : R-134A (CFC Free), R-407C (CFC Free), R-22 (Freon)
Ultra efficient water cooled condenser
Capacity from: 5 TR to 110 TR

Hermetic Scroll Comp.

water cooled brine chillers

If your business requires the use of water cooled scroll chillers for demanding comfort and process cooling applications, Flamingo Chillers indeed has the best range for you. The scroll compressor with the water cooled scroll chiller compressor offer productive performance and allows the chiller to work perfectly at high ambient temperatures as well offering the best cooling for both applications of comfort and process. The condensers in these chillers fall under the category of shell and tube type. The scroll compressor is incorporated in to the chiller in a tandem circuit.

Durability and reliability is what you can be assured of when you choose water cooled scroll chiller from Flamingo. Easy installation, hassle free maintenance and attractive design makes it a must have for every establishment. Flamingo guarantees productive performance, an investment that you will not regret and will indeed profit from.


  • Temperatures: Tube and steel condensers ensure cooling at highest ambient temperatures.

  • Applications: This water cooled screw chiller is indeed ideal for both comfort and process cooling applications. 

  • Hassle Free: The Flamingo Water cooled screw chillers are easy to maintain and install, the chiller offers a convenience and productive experience for all kinds of applications.

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